You are a dance or movement teacher who wants to make a living out of your passion. Teach your own classes. Start your own studio. Or maybe you already have a studio that you want to grow.


As dance and movement teachers we train our bodies, and perfect our movement all the time. But what about our business skills? To be able to make a living out of our passion it can be very valuable to pay attention to the business side of your dance. And how great would it be to do this in an environment with like minded people who also want to live their dance dream?


Dancers in Business helps ambitious dance and movement teachers to reach their business goals and dreams. With individual coaching, coaching programs and workshops we will help you become a real Dancer in Business.



Dance Teacher, Coach & Founder Dancers in Business

Why Dancers in Business?

 I have always loved to dance, and in my life have been so lucky to be trained by several amazing dance teachers. Some of them really succesful ones who have their own school with hundreds of students. And others struggling to get enough students: working crazy hours, and having 2 jobs next to their dance classes just to be able to pay the rent. The crazy thing is, the amount of succes they have almost never has to do with their talent as a dancer. A lot of dancers train very hard to refine their dance and perfect their movement. But as a dance teacher, good technique and teaching skills are just one part of your job, it also helps tremendously to invest in your business skills. The more I work with dancers, the more I notice that business skills don't come naturally to most of them. For me personally the business programs, coaching and workshops I followed really kickstarted my dance business. It got me thinking totally different about marketing, pricing and running your own business. But the programs were never totally geared towards me as a dance teacher. As I became aware that a lot of my dance colleague friends were asking me for advice, I decided to combine my job as a coach, my experience as a dance teacher and my knowledge of being an entrepreneur, and started Dancers in Business in 2018. I am very much looking forward to be teaching as many dancers as possible how to be better business (wo)men!

"Teuta as a business coach is able to harmonise the business side and the artist way. She starts with you... and helps you build a strong foundation from there. Her tone of voice is fun and pragmatic, intelligence and creativity combined in one package. If you are looking to combine the two skills: dance and business, Teuta is the ideal coach to help build your dream."

Liesbeth, Dancer/ Founder of Emovimento VZW